Y21 – Million $ Secret’s Dam

Million $ Secret Daughter

DNC Millions $ Secret 107C

Maternal Made X Y21 (Limestone Jupiter X Final Answer / OCC Just Right)
BW 76 • BD 4.07.2015 • 1/4 MAINETAINER  •  REG. 467178
Fore Semen Contact: 
LACEY CAFFEE 605-299-6161


We always thought this bull was special, out of the Y21 cow family, and our high selling bull on our 2015 sale. With a limited amount of semen on the bull, the first year we used him and he made incredible daughters! Dustin Volek and Troy Baloun sold a $92,000 heifer out of him! SECRET looks incredible for a coming 7-year-old bull, his feet and structure is impeccable. He’s been out breeding cows every summer. We are so excited to offer semen to the public. His place is for the females. Udders are high quality, with nice small teats. His mother, Y21 is 3 generations calving ease, so with his smaller head and smother shoulders, he calves easy. We use him on our wet twos all the time and have no trouble. We love the low percent Maine cow, always have, using SECRET on Maines is his true calling. Instead of going PB Angus on our higher percent Maine cows, we take him and keep the Maine up along with the look.

We believe in cow families, and believe cow families prove everything. Y21 has never had a bad one, she’s had two high selling bulls on our sales, SECRET being one, THE DANCE, commanding $12,000 in our 2020 bull sale, is the other. Her SUH daughter is a stand out in our herd. We have full sibs to SECRET coming this spring.

With Maternal Made dead, we think this bull is a great female maker replacement. His semen is high quality and we want to offer this great sire to the public. We’ve never collected any of our bulls before, so we feel that says a lot of what we think of SECRET and his daughters.

DNC Cinch Up B161

SAV Sensation x B16 SAV Net Worth x X16 Antidote x T16 Cerveza
BW 76 • BD 4.11.17 • 1/16 MA 15/16 AN

Sold in our sale to Jensen Show Cattle, then purchased back to use on our heifers! We’ve turned him out the last two years on our heifers, keeping them for replacements. The calving ease has been great along with the look he sires! The T16 cow, raised at $20,000 steer a few years ago, sold to Steve Bohnom, and the cow then sold to Brian Martin. 

DNC Loose Change A22

Semen $35

Maternal Made x A22 SAV Bismack x Y33 Limestone Jupiter
BW 81 • BD 4.3.17 • 1/4 MA 3/4 AN

Loose Change has really proven himself as a herd bull around Caffee Ranch. Siring our high selling heifer, $13,500, in our 2022 fall sale. Our lot 1 bull in the 2022 bull sale commanding $9250, again sired by Loose Change. The daughters are just the way we like them, long necked, big bodied, good haired, square hipped and stout all the way though. Weighing in at 2400 lbs mature weight this bull has grow, while keeping the rib shape. Even as a mature bull he strides out impeccably, which comes from his cow family. The A22 cow has done it all, high selling heifers and bulls. Her daughter, C22, commanded $20,000 in our Drought Reduction Sale, her Broker embryos $2250 per embryo. The bulls grand dam, Y33, has sold over $100,000 in progeny, all natural calves.


DNC Cinch Up x E31 International x S31 Twister
BW 76 • BD 4.6.19 • Angus +


Maternal Made x A25 Prowler x X25 Northern Improvement x U45 OCC Legend
BW 96 • WW 755  •  BD 4.8.19 • MaineTainer 1/4 MA 3/4 An

The A25 Prowler daughter raised a bull that sold in our 2018 bull sale to Jerry Baan Hoffman from Corsica. Her 2018 maternal heifer sold to Wes Gardner. The cows in the pedigree were always productive. The U45 cow had a bull in our 2017 sale selling to Baan Hoffman. Show also had an Upgrade heifer that sold to Brad Smith for $8,000.